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As technology has evolved, so have we.

The signage industry is not exempt from evolving technologies and as brand image specialists, we’ve made it our mission to keep at the forefront of technological advances.

Dragon Digital will run alongside our Dragon Signs operation, run by the same great team of experienced and knowledgeable signage experts, offering the same great customer service in all things digital.

Powered by the LED industry experts, Infiled, our LED screen makes for an extra special, digital signage experience. Our state of the art screen also configures to provide a further two smaller screen sizes - opening up the possibilities to experience LED signage for a range of events, from city centre activities to international sporting events.

Why use an LED screen?

High resolution LED screens are at the forefront of digital technology. With their size and vibrance, they can grab an audience’s attention in some of the busiest environments. This is great news for businesses who want to get their message heard and seen by 1000’s at packed out places such as sporting stadiums or festivals.

LED screens are powerful and impactful even in the brightest settings. They allow your brand to stand out from the crowd through carefully manufactured, invisible joins in the display that aren’t shadowed by ambient lighting.

  • Get your brand heard and seen in the busiest of environments
  • Displays images, text, live data and video
  • Large and seamless appearance
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor and brightly lit environments
Ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd, delivered by an established and trusted team.