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The new “flex face” of the Motor Point Arena Cardiff


In 2017, the arena was in need of a signage face lift. Their pre-existing signage had become worn and had lost the fresh, crisp look their branding requires. This well-known building houses artists, performers and a multitude of shows almost every night of the year. Attracting visitors from all over the UK and beyond, their signage needed be visible day and night.

After the initial site and safety visit to the premises, we quickly realised this project would require careful planning and organisation from our teams. Installation could only happen after council planning had been agreed; road closures and traffic management were a necessity. Also, due to the height of the signage, an abseiling team was required for the installation.



We agreed with the client that the best way forward was to use a “flex face fabric tension”. In essence, this product is built with a metal frame that allows a specialist fabric to be stretched and fixed to the building, providing a lightweight, durable and easy to replace signage solution.

On the day of installation, the closure of the roads and the abseiling company harmoniously aligned. Installation was seamless and executed within the time slot giving by the Council.

We were extremely pleased with the results and happy to have caused only minor disruption, for a short amount of time, within the city centre.


Product information:

  • Flex face, 5 boxes of 4mx3m
  • Can be illuminated from within, sign can be seen and read at night
  • The frame remains secure to the building and the branded specialist material can be easily replaced

For more information please contact the team on 029 2022 6501.