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Cardiff Airport


Cardiff Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Wales. It has been under Government ownership since 2013 but operates as a commercial business. It has seen growth in passenger numbers following Qatar’s 2017 decision to use the airport as one of its UK bases.

With the increase in footfall, the airport decided to invest in reinventing and replacing its wayfinding signage, which had been causing some confusion for holidaymakers and business travellers alike.

Dragon Signs were commissioned to design a suite of new signs that would clearly communicate the way around the airport’s outside areas. The requirements ranged from replacing some existing signs and creating new solutions. The areas to be covered were:

  • Road entrance
  • Carparks
  • Pedestrian walkways


From design through to print and installation, this project required some manpower from the team, in fact it took nearly 20 employees to complete the project.

There were in excess of 50 signs that either needed replacing or re-designing, all of which played an important part in ensuring a smooth transition for passengers from the entrance of the airport grounds to the terminal.

On the installation days, it was all hands on deck for the team. The task of carefully installing signs with minimal disruption at a busy airport took some detailed planning and logistics.

From initial design through to installation the project was completed over a period of 2 months. The installation itself took only 2 days thanks to the infrastructure at Dragon Signs

Product information:

  • Reflective vinyl
  • Full colour digital print
  • Standard cut vinyl

For more information please contact the team on 029 2022 6501.